Energetic Space Clearing

Saurav R Tiberewaal being a “Space Whisperer inspires people to create change in their life utilizing a valuable mixture of awareness, experience with pragmatic tools&techniques that clears limiting and negative energies from spaces be it your home, office or factories. Saurav embodies magical kindness and caring and is gifted with knowing to perceive energies around spaces and facilitate releasing of all stuck negativity and limitations around spaces with ease calling it as “ENERGETIC SPACE CLEARING”.


Saurav has consulted on multiple projects from personal home to workplaces to factories creating miraculous results. Working with Saurav you will be exposed to his unique approach which brings balance to your space and create phenomenal results for your targets.


Being The founder of “ENERGETIC SPACE CLEARING” Saurav empowers people through the energy of their spaces to create different possibility in their lives and businesses. With Saurav you will learn to embrace a full, energetic, fun, healthy and prosperous life.


What if you always knew that your life could be more?


What if you knew that there were infinite possibilities available with no limitations on whatever path you choose?


Are you ready to eliminate everything that’s weighing you down? Are you ready to change energy around your spaces?


Why “Energetic Space Clearing” is necessary and vital?


Just as on a physical level you see the dust and dirt accumulating in your spaces be it home or workplace, the same happens energetically. Cleaning the spaces energetically is as important as cleaning it physically. You may not see the “dust and dirt” of human emotions or the negative energies, but they do accumulate in any space. These energies interfere with your capacity to function at your optimum. These can affect you mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.




1.Less worries and more fun.


2.It enhances your productivity and you stop procrastinating & start coming out of your comfort zone.


3.Sleep better and have sound sleep.


4.Achieve more effortlessly.


5.Creates more harmony in relationships with others & self.


6.Invite abundance of everything you desire. When you have space for the new, the new can arrive. Same goes for the space for money, health, inspiration and all the things you may be wanting.


7.You release the imprints of all the physical death that occurred in that place while you were there or before creating a Happy Body for you! It is often seen by Saurav that when deaths occur in a family at home or workplace the energy of being still lingers creating unhealthy energy patterns in long run. Releasing so You do not feel unnecessary of pain, uneasiness & tiredness in body. Your overall health gets better and you sense lightness in your whole body.


8.You feel more lighter and spacious, the whole place appears to be renovated energetically.


9.Many possibilities and opportunities starts flowing to you!


I have tremendous gratitude for everyone that have chosen to create a different reality through “ENERGETIC SPACE CLEARING”


4th July 2017

Access Bars® Taster Session

Are you looking for clarity, some space between thoughts or simply some relaxation?

Come on over to experience the magic of Access Bars.

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28th July 2017

MTVSS Taster Session

We like to invite you for an event – MTVSS taster session. It’s a gift from us. Anybody can join us for this event to experience the session.

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There were some disorder in my son due to which his body structure was not appropriate. As I started gifting MTVSS to him ( recommended by Saurav ) I see a tremendous change in his overall appearance. Even there are many changes in his other body issues like dandruff, cough & cold, skin issues. Every time I receive MTVSS it feels very different and light. No stress, no tension, it makes me feel so relaxed. I gifted few session to my family members also, they got relieved from pains there experiencing from a long time. The best part of this is, it is making our body and life easy everyday.


Our lives have changed after joining the MTVSS class. My family members just loves it. Instead of looking for medicine or postponing work due to any pain or uneasiness they just receive MTVSS & get relieved instantly. This has changed my life for betterment. Thank you.


MTVSS is wonderful. Not only it is curing my digestion issues, it has also helped in other ways too. Like as I am giving MTVSS to my wife she has become more energetic and has grown an interest in cooking. Even I tried it on some of our family relations, they are getting better. It’s so much ease and fun.


After completing Bars class I have observed that my healing abilities have become more powerful. It makes me more energetic every time I receive or gift Bars to me or others.


It was amazing. Some secrets have been revealed. Some thoughts have been developed which are very helpful, empowering to the body as well as mind or say consciousness. Today i understood that whatever we desire we can have with just simple tricks through which my life can have a vast change and then I can experience a wonderful life .


The whole class was very powerful. My perception of perceiving life has changed. I have seen a tremendous change in my life after this class. I gifted many sessions to my son (diagnosed with ADHD) which has brought magical changes in him. Even people outside appreciate the difference Bars has brought. Thank you.


The class was fun. We just had normal, friendly chat and ended up understanding the mind and its ways at depth. It was effortless. The practice of bars session was superb could feel them running at my first attempt itself. It gave me immense confidence and i enjoyed the process thoroughly. Looking forward to read the manual for more detailed concept. thank you so much for conducting the class and empowering all of us.


Its been 9 to 10 months I guess since I have learnt the Bars and the changes I feel are that I choose to be more aware regarding my thoughts be it related to Money or Creativity or Happiness. I see that my receiving has expanded and I am able to have & do things which I sometime thought was impossible for me. Running the bars has given lot of clarity towards my desired life.


The tools shared by Saurav has made such a contribution that whenever I use it, I feel very jovial and light.The best part is they are very effortless and handy, anybody can use it and learn it at any point if time. Thank you Saurav for teaching us this amazing thing. How does it get any better than this?


After doing Access Bars with Saurav R Tiberewaal my life has totally transformed. Started to be more patient and to take situations as it is.


It has given me a doorway to new possibilities and opportunities in life. He is just amazing. The way he taught us bring out more clarity and concepts about Bars. My life has totally changed in a positive way.Thank you Saurav !!! God bless you always and you keep transforming our lives !!!


“Access Bars Class was excellent. I got to learn a lot about dealing with day to day real life situations in a much better and organized way and also how to work successfully towards my targets.”


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