??B.COM (H) (St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata)
??Graphology & Graphotherapy Trainer
??Conceptual Logo Designer
??Access BARS Certified Facilitator
??Access Body Process Certified Facilitator
??SOP & ESB Practitioner
??TTTE Practitioner
??BACH Flower Remedy Practitioner
??Numerology & Name Correction Consultant
??PSYCH-K Practitioner
??Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga

Hi There !

Thanks for stopping by my page!

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Saurav R Tiberewaal, the Founder Creator of SAOGE, a holistic and self empowerment centre in KOLKATA for healing the mind, body and soul and contributing to expansion of consciousness that creates more ease, joy and glory to our lives and our beautiful planet earth.

Spirituality, Healing and Empowering People has always interested me but I did go through the usual path of getting a Graduation Degree, a CFA to what I am doing and being today and I am so grateful for every step I chose till today.

It all started with a short break from my career and decided to devote this time to dwell deeper into my interests and study different aspects of alternate medicines and spirituality and self empowerment. Having earned several degrees and certifications, I decided to utilize this opportunity to set up my own venture.

My vision is to facilitate and contribute to people in creating more ease and more joy in their lives through the expansion of consciousness that surrounds them.

This is the Key philosophy behind SAOGE.

I always felt there was something more to life. My search for answers and a meaning for life continued until I embraced spirituality and started using various healing methods and doing meditations, healing myself and transforming personally in the process.

I practiced Graphotherapy, Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga and Vipassana for a long time which did bring in a great level of changes and healing to me as well as to all my clients. But something even better showed up in my life a couple of years back, which ended my constant quest for answers.

Access Consciousness came into my life in early 2013 when I was at a point where I knew a lot of tools and techniques but nothing was working for me. I had tried everything under the sun but Access was totally different and whacky!! Just one session of Access Bars made me realize the MAGIC that I am. It completely shifted my reality and when I woke up from the table after 90 minutes of getting my bars run, I felt happy and relaxed like never before. There has been more ease and joy in my life since then.

I am so grateful to Access for the contribution it has been in my life. I have total gratitude to Gary Douglas for creating these tools, to empower thousands of people across this world! For the first time, there was no one telling me what to do and how to do, rather I was feeling in control and empowered to create my own reality without going into the judgments and wrongness of me, which I was so used to doing. More ease and joy started showing up in my life, in every area - relationships, money, business, and health. My constant seeking for answers ended and I started asking Questions which truly empowered me to create my a reality the way I desire, by getting out of this MATRIX. ACCESS tools threw open infinite possibilities for me and everything that I heard and learnt and understood throughout my life finally made sense to me because of the gift that ACCESS is! Access has taught me how to follow my own 'knowing' and just BE present.

I continue to evolve at all levels be it physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as I work with each client everyday and with every workshop that I teach and every single session brings in deep learning into my life personally! How did I get so lucky to contribute to changing the world and spreading the consciousness while I find myself and become more of ME?!

I am teaching workshops to empower people to know what they know and heal themselves and step into greater awareness. Thus spreading the seeds of consciousness in the process. If you would like to invite me to your country/city to teach a class, then you can get in touch with me on I look forward to working with you!

I would like to invite you to know what you know and be the gift and miracle that you truly are!!

What would it take for you to choose more consciousness today?

What would it take for you to choose more ease and joy today?

Being You, changes the world!!!

I am so grateful for YOU!!!



Miss Sneha Agarwal is a Communication Coordinator at SAOGE. She is a Certified Sound Healing Therapist, Graphologist, Access Bars and Body Process Practioner. She is highly motivating to anyone who meets and talks with her.



Miss Ila R Narnolia is The Intern at SAOGE. She is a Certified Graphologist, Access Bars & Body process Practioner. She contributes in the online activities and executions of various projects at SAOGE. She is highly dedicated and committed to create her life beyond the ordinary and empower others in the process.

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